Feature Film

As Director of Photography


Spring Interlude, 2019 - (Official Selection NZ International Film Festival, 2019)

Last of the living, 2008   (Official Selection NZ International Film Festival, 2008)             

Wait up Harriet, 2006     (Pope John Paul II Film Festival Offical Selection 2007)


As 2nd Unit Camera Operator

The Changeover, 2016

Sunday, 2012

As 1st AC/Focus Puller


Human Traces, 2015

Sunday, 2012

For the sake of a hat, 2012

Existence, 2011 (Official Selection NZ International Film Festival, 2012)           

Holy roller, 2009

As 2nd AC

Sunset Song, 2014 (NZ Unit) (Official Selection NZ International Film Festival 2016)

Short Film

As Director of Photography


The Voyages of the Hourglass, 2019

Milk, 2018

1882, 2017

The Red Zone (Artist Tom Dale), 2018

1050 Minutes Behind, 2018 (Official Selection NZIFF 2018)

Old man, the budgie and the flea, 2015

Cabin Fever, 2015

Defiance, 2015

Skank, 2014 (Slam Dance Film Festival, London Short Film Festival 2016)

Irrevocable, 2014

Sam & Jess, 2013

The rich man and the poor man, 2013

Tumultuous, 2010


As 1st AC/Focus Puller


Run Rabbit, 2018 (Official Selection NZIFF 2018)

Thicket, 2015

Final Act, 2013

Here be monsters, 2012

Huhu Attack! 2008

As 2nd AC

The Ballard of Maddog Quinn, 2014

Lake, 2012


As Director of Photography


Salvation Army Winter Appeal, 2019

Colgate Toothpaste, 2019

Johnson and Couzins, 2018

Hell Pizza, 2018

Meridian Energy, 2018

Tangata Atumotu Trust, 2018

ARA, 2017

Mike Pero, 2017

COSMIC Summer Campaign, 2017

ARA 'Why ARA?", 2016

Central Heating, 2015

YHA, 2015

My Wall Art, 2015

Asko Design, 2015

Novus Auto Glass, 2014

Mike Greer Homes, 2014

Tyre General, 2014

As 1st AC/Focus Puller


Cricket World Cup (BSkyB), 2015

Verkerks, 2014

My Tax, 2014 - 2016

Audi Land of Quattro, 2015

Christchurch Polytechnic, 2011-2014

Hellers Meats, 2011-2014

Hunters Furniture 2011-2016

Television | Documentary | Web Series

As DP/Camera Operator


OK Chlöe

Help is on the way (DP)

Life is easy (DP)

Finding Jeremy (DP)

Go South/Slow TV (Cam Op)

Dog Squad, 2018  (Additional Cam Op)

East to East, 2018 (Additional Cam Op) Official Selection NZIFF 2018

Class Act, 2018 (Additional Cam Op)

Living with Tourettes, 2018 (Additional Cam Op)

Grand Designs (NZ), 2018 (Additional Cam Op) 

What Now, 2018

Waters of the Greenstone, 2017 (Additional Cam Op)

Farang, 2017 (Silver Award for Cinematography at NZCS awards)

Pride on the line, 2017

The Cricket Show2017

Arranged, 2016 (Additional Cam Op)

Tawawera Ultramarathon, 2015-2016

Challenge Wanaka, 2015-2016

A long way from Broadway, 2015

Maroon 5, 2015 (V-tour)

Audi Quattro Winter Games, 2013-2018

Beneath New Zealand, 2015 (One episode)

What Now, 2015-2016 (Field and Studio Operator)

4.30 Show (Field Operator)

Resume Play, 2014

CHCH: Ever Evolving City, 2014

Queenstown Marathon, 2014

Cadbury Dream Factory, 2013 (one episode)

Mitre 10 Dream Home, 2013

The Amazing Race USA, 2012 (NZ episode)

Coast Watch, 2012 (one episode)

Grand Plan, 2011

A Shocking Reminder, 2011

Inspiring Lives Global, 2011

No.8 Wired, 2003

As 1st AC/Focus Puller

The Negotiators, 2018

Continent 7: Antarctica (additional, NZ)

Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up (two episodes)

Music Video

As Director of Photography

Laumé - Voyeurs - 2019

Richard Dada/Pink Flamingos, 2018

AC Freazy/Only One, 2018

Terrible Sons/Tears don't fall, 2016

ASKE ft. Ed Waaka/Found, 2016 (Bronze Award for Cinematography at NZCS awards)

Madeira/Manipulators, 2016

Madeira/Let me down, 2015

Doprah/Will I be a figure eight, 2015 (Gold Award for Cinematography at NZCS awards)

Idiio/Sway, 2015

Marlon Williams/Strange Things, 2015 

Aldious Harding/Stop your Tears, 2014

Super Model/Candy Rose, 2014

Zen Mantra/Second Skin, 2014

Easy Hearts/The Enemy, 2014

Maya Payne/Fragile, 2014

Happiness Stan/ Melville's Big White Whale, 2014

Julian Hay feat. Matthew Smith/Second Sun, 2013

Two Cartoons/Best Coast, 2012

Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams/Blood Letter, 2012

Von Voin Strum/Shiver Roses, 2012

Two Cartoons/Rainbows, 2012

Kim K/Creatures of the night, 2009

Rare Shot Blue/Dolli, 2009

Johnny Love/Not the first, not the last, 2008

Doppler/Oblivion, 2008

Dubwise/Country living, 2008

Pearl/Take me back, 2007

Dukes/When luv came thru, 2004


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